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From: Dr. Becky Gillaspy

Dr. Becky Gillaspy

Dear Friend,


Do you ever feel like there is a secret society of insiders who protect all the secrets of weight loss?


Do you ever wish you could just follow one of the insiders around for 30 days, eat exactly like they eat, exercise exactly like they exercise and model their thinking - really get inside their head and see for yourself what it is that makes their weight loss seem so effortless?


It is frustrating when you feel like you are on the outside and not being given the whole story, but what if I could change that for you?


My name is Dr. Becky Gillaspy, I am a Doctor of Chiropractic, University Professor, and a Certified Wellness Coach and I have personally lost over 40 pounds and kept that weight off easily for the past 14 years.



  • What if I invited you to watch over my shoulder as I walk you through the exact steps I’d take to lose 10 pounds this month?


  • What if I showed you how I’d set up my eating so I was absolutely sure that every day I was losing weight?


  • What if I gave you the simple “no brainer” plan I use that assures me I am eating good nutritious meals whether I am at home eating alone or at a crowded party with lots of distractions.


  • What if I shared with you my exercise strategy even let you see the exact plans I’d use to guarantee 10 pounds would be dropped in just one month.


  • And what if I let you in on my real secret, the one that turned me from an overweight couch potato whose dream dinner was a big bowl of ice cream and a bag of cookies, into a fit forty year old who maintains her ideal weight with very little effort? Would you like to get inside the thinking that changed that around for me?




One of the biggest mistakes I see people make when they set out to lose weight quickly is they make it way to hard



(1) Crash dieting is way too hard (and unhealthy)


(2) Excessive "sweat till you drop exercise" is way to hard (and exhausting)


(3) Manipulating your eating every day is way too hard (and not fun).



Listen, I am not going to tell you that losing weight is easy. It is a challenge but you need to stop overcomplicating things!


My mantra is Keep It Simple and Sane! It is the only way you will stick with your plan long enough to see the results you want.



I'll be honest - I feel bad when I hear other people talk about how much they struggle with their weight and how hard they are working to FORCE their bodies to shed the excess pounds.


When is the last time you got what you really wanted by brute force? Usually the only results you get are exhaustion and frustration.


Instead of forcing your body to change you have to allow it to change which is the true secret to successful weight loss.



I wrote a special report with you in mind. I call it If I Had To Lose 10 Pounds This Month…Here Is Exactly What I’d Do.  (Okay, it’s not an overly “catchy” title but it gets the point across!)



Here are some of the things you will find inside:



  • The three things that you must get working for you in order to succeed at weight loss. I guarantee if you have not been successful in the past one of these elements was missing. (page 4)


  • The very first thing I’d do to lose 10 pounds this month and why I would never break this rule. (page 9)

  • The most under-appreciated nutrient in dieting that decreases your body fat the more you eat! (page 11)


  • The simplest trick in the world that makes it almost impossible to overeat. (page 13)


  • The secret that only Japanese Women know and the reason only 3% of them are obese (page 22)


  • The Incredible 95 foods you can eat everyday in unlimited amounts and still lose 10 pounds this month. (page 33)


  • How to exercise smarter so you boost your fat-burning metabolism while still releasing pounds of fat. (page 35)


  • How to get a great workout even if you own no exercise equipment. (page 36)
  • One of the biggest reasons people fail to lose weight, hint it has nothing to do with food. (page 40) 

  • How to give yourself a daily "Attitude Adjustment" so you find sticking with your plan a breeze. (page 40)


  • How to keep yourself ultra-motivated from Day 1 till Day 30 and beyond. (page 41)


  • A sure-fire way to get off the emotional rollercoaster that so often destroys a diet. (page 42)


  • How to keep dropping the pounds even after the initial 30 days are over. (page 48)


Wow! I challenge you to find anything

missing from this report.



Nothing has been left out; there is nothing else for you to buy; nothing omitted that you need to figure out on your own; no more searching for missing pieces to the weight loss puzzle. Everything you need to lose 10 pounds this month is here for you in one easy-to-follow plan.


This 61-page insider’s manual includes all of the above mentioned information in a conveniently packaged, instantly downloadable format.  That means you could be reading it in the next 5 minutes.


And on top of all of that I am giving you 2 specially designed FREE BONUSES created specifically and exclusively for the Lose 10 Pounds This Month reader.




If you order today I will include these exclusive bonuses...



Bonus #1: Mind Your Eating – This bonus report alone is worth the entire cost of the report.  It gets to the heart of why you eat and shows you in practical steps that you can use immediately how to eliminate your cravings and effortlessly drop hundreds of calories from your day due to mindless eating. I personally wrote this report and cannot wait to share it with you!



Bonus #2: Rapid Fat Loss Exercises - You want to lose 10 pounds this month, but how about also losing inches from your belly, butt, hips and thighs in the next 30 days? The days of hour long torture sessions on the treadmill are long gone. In fact, the best way to lose inches from exercise is to do the exact opposite of a long and steady-paced workout.




Here's the bottom line...



I want you to succeed, I want you to eliminate this weight issue from your life and I want you to share with you exactly how to do it without the fluff and without the hype.


I know this system I document in Lose 10 Pounds This Month works because it has worked for me and it has worked for my clients.


And here is the thing I want to emphasize to you, time doesn't wait.



If you choose to walk away today and NOT purchase this report, then you can't get started today.


That means, instead of seeing 10 pounds less on the scale one month from now, you'll still be searching for solutions.



The point is this: you can start today knowing nothing and in one month you can lose 10 pounds.



What will be happening in your life one month from now? Will you be seeing someone you haven't seen in a while, going to a special event, will you need to fit into a bathing suit in the next 30 days or do you have an important business meeting coming up and want the added self-esteem boost of looking and feeling your best?



Time doesn't wait, start today and in one month you will be lighter guaranteed.


Speaking of which, how about a money-back guarantee?


Here it is: the cost for this report is currently $17.00. If you decide you want your $17.00 back from me anytime during the next 60 days after your purchase, just email me and request a refund.


It's that simple. No questions asked. No hassles. No delays. I'll send it back to you just as quickly as you sent it to me. That seems only fair.



Your copy of If I Had To Lose 10 Pounds This Month...Here Is Exactly What I'd Do includes:


  1. The complete report filled with solid, step-by-step insider tactics, strategies and secrets.


  1. Bonus #1: Mind Your Eating which will dramatically increase your weight loss not only during the next 30 days, but for the rest of your life.


  1. Bonus #2: Rapid Fat Loss Exercises. This is for those of you who want to move to the next level and drop inches from your belly, butt, hips and thighs without spending hours working out each day.



It's all included. Everything you need. Better still is the fact that you can be diving into these goodies in the next five minutes.





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* Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential. Please remember that each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any weight loss endeavor, there is no certain guarantee that you will lose weight.



I hope my no-nonsense style has been a breath of fresh air for you.

I'm passionate about what I do and I hope that some of that passion is reflected in this letter.

I truly believe this plan will work for you if you give it a chance.


I wish you Much Success!


Dr. Becky


P.S. I encourage you to order this report and read it through then use all of the tactics and strategies outlined.  If for any reason over the next 60 days you do not feel completely satisfied with it, then I will refund your complete payment.  You have absolutely no risk!


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